After eight years of research and developmental work, successful prototyping and improvements, True Tesla Technologies starts the implementation of its second generation of the patented hydropower turbines for the unique cascading hydropower plant settings. Tesla’s Cascading HPP technology is the perfect solution for almost any river including the low-lying rivers or utilizing tidal power of the sea and protecting the coastline from the impact of huge waves. Having the ability to generate the clean blue energy with very slow water flow, True Tesla Technologies is set to greatly improve the global renewable energy sector with the most decentralized and fine-tuned electricity production when the highest usage requires it. Additionally, cleaning the water resources from any type of floating waste or sediment deposits, while improving the biodiversity of nature and not negatively affecting it as most other technologies do.

TTT”s focusing on the global and local communities and their needs, improving their lives together with flora and fauna for the planets benefits and our present and future more transparent sustainability.

This is the cornerstone of our ethical and sustainable energy collective, especially in today’s time in which we are becoming more ecologically minded and fully aware of the importance that sustainability brings to us.

Considering the energy production in the world today, there is a significant need to make a shift away from fossil fuels and improve the ways we harness the electricity. Besides this, we see billions of people living without sufficient power as many communities around the world struggle to obtain the energy supply or one that is affordable.

In recent times, it is recognized that small and mid-size hydropower plants play an important role in the “electrification” process. Offcourse, building dams and other toxic concrete objects is not a solution. There is a huge amount of money pumped in the research and development, but still, we see a very small implementation percentage or some significant technological developments that could do a much-needed leap forward. Therefore, we mainly rely on big infrastructure and large scale investments with a bad environmental impact.  

Tesla’s cascading hydropower plants merge with our precious nature and harness the energy she provides. Comparing to other HPP technologies, the Tesla cascading HPP construction is fairly simple, as mostly everything is pre-fabricated and can be assembled or disassembled easily, thus, there is a minimal carbon footprint.  Control systems are run through the software to enable fine optimization and constant monitoring.

Empowering Communities
Communities will have the chance to purchase their own small hydropower plants for a relatively affordable cost, in the bottom price range comparing the other renewable energy technologies. Larger scale plants can be constructed for industrial sites, towns, and cities or the whole areas depending on necessary permits.  Any excess energy can be sold to the national grids, and extra income from sales can be used to reinvest into new plants or for any other important improvements.



Our first generation turbine working prototype