The problem in today’s industry and solutions and possibilities our innovation provides:
The new deodorant bottle allows functioning without the use of harmful and flammable gases, such as butane. Innovation replaces those dangerous gases with the use of atmospheric air under controlled pressure.
At the moment the pressure in the bottle is disproportionate to the use of the product, the excess pressure is what disperses the aerosol out of the surface of the product’s use.
Innovation completely regulates the pressure in the bottle, it is constant and adjusted depending on the way of the products use, in the case of deodorant, hair lacquer, paint etc.
The position of the bottle is now predetermined to be in a vertical position for the gas to discharge the product; otherwise, the gas without the product would go out.
Innovation solves the issue with the compressed air separation through a special chamber, and the content is released in any bottle position.
Now the gas in the bottle is explosive in the production, storage, trade, transport, it is dangerous for children and toxic in the food industry.
The pressurized bottle now has no pressure regulation.
The innovation solves all this with the use of atmospheric air under pressure. With our patented product, pressure control is automatically or manually controlled.


An example of deodorant; it gets pressure control, and therefore full control of a safe and consistent product use!
Full safety in transport, storage, and product use!
Fully ecological aspect with dangerous gases replacement and usage of atmospheric air!
The method and all the possibilities of the bottle use are very wide, for example; the whipped cream in the container does not interfere with the taste of the present gas that releases, the flavor of the cream is not affected.
The dangerous and toxic industry is changing to the better as it should be!