TTT Hydro Power

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TTT Sediment Cleaning And Water Restoration

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TTT The Innovative Pressure Bottle

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TTT Icebreaker Plowshare

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TTT Innovative Railway Fastening System

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TTT Advanced Fisheries

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Nikola Tesla’s wishes were to connect people with energy and empower them through technological advancements. This is the legacy that True Tesla Technologies embodies as we continue to innovate and technologically advance with his talented great-great-nephew Tomislav Tesla – an engineer and innovator who has created a whole stack of groundbreaking technologies that will greatly enhance the way we live globally.  Empowering humanity to benefit not only people’s way of living but to improve the whole economies in numerous ways, the questions which frequently reiterate in today’s world.  Massively increasing sustainability is crucial for the survival and evolution of the human species as well as for our planet.

True Tesla Technologies’ creations are coming from a unique blend of visions and expertise around Tomislav Tesla’s great innovations and some other advanced technologies created by our close partners.

We do have an open view towards the future in many spheres and the way that technology will help to boost the planet and humanity. It is our duty and obligation to preserve it for future generations and to make it as much sustainable as possible.

In our team, we are recognizing and supporting those ideas and principles and our projects are always working in line with new technological advancements for the greater good.

We believe that such innovative ways will soon be accepted on the entire planet because our world deserves to live in harmony with nature and people, as this is the best way to prove and provide benefits for nature and the economy at the same time.

TTTT- True Tesla Technologies Team